Company Vision: We will heal the people by connecting cultural contents.
We want to share diverse off-line cultural contents and experiences around the world. (for example, user’s ordinary life, local festival, concert, musical, movie)
With this opportunity, we believe Peoplegate can serve practical network service than the prior networking system created.
Peoplegate has one goal. We will form a new culture, as connecting individuals' experiences and values in our platform. Then the value of the new culture will heal people.


We are building a global human network platforms, which are based on our client's talent and interesting DB.
Our wish is that you can meet good people in here, and you can enjoy rich contents.
Gladly Peoplegate has high level loyalty.(70% revisit rate)
Various culture contents(gathered in Peoplegate) will spread to outside channels, not just the Peoplegate app.

 - A simple and convenient search engine to meet people.
 - The opportunity to find friends who have common interests.
 - The possibility to find friends who like to share their talents.
 - The collection of users' diverse expertise thanks to the button "Collect"

 - Phase in the expansion of the individual business platform(video, media, commerce).
 - There will be various offline cultural contents(i.e. concerts, lectures etc.) on Peoplegate's online platform for millions of people around the world.
 - At last, we will solve the network barrier through the VR & Commerce function. 

PEOPLEGATE Media Contents

The content distribution through Peoplegate applications and our media partnerships, we have the final goal we are aimed at. The final goal is to complete our contents by using AR, VR and robots in order to make our audience be at the center of the show and bring more vitality, and with ever changing technological advances, we would like to maximize the flexibility of new media channels and social networks. We sincerely believe that the combination of technology and cultural content will let people have more freedom in their lives.


As we do know that diversity brings out better society, we urge ourselves to seek various people. 
Peoplegate is an IT company that hosts gorgeous concerts for better society.
Peoplegate is hosting regular social contribution concerts which is the biggest in Korea for users and partners.
Some of the profits are donated, and we are becoming known through several good partner channels.
More than twenty celebrities such as Lee Jung, g.o.d Kim Taewoo, SES Bada, Choi Jinhyuk, ULALA SESSION, J Rabbit, Yiruma and Norazo participated in our events, and this contents are give enjoyment to you through Peoplegate APP.

    J Rabbit

  • Yiruma
    Jung, LEE

  • Bada (S.E.S)

  • GUMI
    Tae-woo, KIM (g.o.d)

  • Bada (S.E.S)
    Eric NAM

TALK / Interview

A talk show that connects you to famous people that are credited and talented in there area, not just celebrities that you wanted to see. We have had people like Chef Seduk Oh, singers Sujung Bae, Kisum, Jun Lee deliver their most honest stories through the talk show. We organize it regularly, and fit it in contents form to spread out.
  • Makeup artist - Yunjae, SUNWOO
  • Shef - Sedeuk, OH


Peoplegate magazine is full with various stories such as tips and common sense that people want to know, and was the first magazine contents created for the users. We have had partnerships with Naver, Daum, Kakao, and it is showing 2~3 times more in sharing percentage compared to other contents. It offers you fun and value to your life.


Peoplegate is going to recruit talented Pd's, Actor's and Actresses, and the best scenario team to offer various drama contents that are optimized for both IT and mobile. These contents will be planned with the participation of celebrities, translation and local partnership as well for their foreign fans can easily enjoy the contents. 

Join Us

We are looking for a person like this.

We don’t have dress code, formal rules to follow, regulation on working type, as Peoplegate believes creative autonomy of each one of member. Thus, we want to find a person capable with having optimal decision maker, who can be called ‘Professional.’
Few of them could not be able to join our atmosphere and working style, so please check the requirement below in order to find out whether you are the one that we are looking for.
 ⁃ One who can motivate colleagues and give values 'I can do whatever'.
 ⁃ One who can have highest responsibilities and knows the meaning of ‘Trust’
 ⁃ One who can logically understand the concept of prioritization of work.
 ⁃ One who has communication skills that can be created in the public interest.

Team Leader

Taeho, Kwon

Taeho, Kwon

"Believe, your imagination and potential"

Founder / President

  • Broadcast StaffBroadcast Staff
  • YTN LectureYTN Lecture
  • Stage producerStage producer
  • Trade ExpoTrade Expo

Mr, Kwon started the company when he was twenty-seven years old after he finished internship at KOTRA foreign marketing department. During his school days, he achieved awards in advertisement, marketing, movie, idea presentation fields. These experiences have become strong roots to win grand prize at the Seong Nam startup contest. To him, 'Creation' means something that can make people passionate. This is the reason why he started Peoplegate. He formulated management strategy and designed UI/UX.
Minwook, Kim

Minwook, Kim

"I wish Peoplegate can bring out good memories for many people."

Co-Founder / COO & CTO

  • Presented at GooglePresented at Google
  • Co-writer of a programming bookCo-writer of
    a programming book
  • Won many awardsWon many awards
  • Kotra Smart Growth 3rdKotra-Microsoft
    Smart Growth 3rd

Minwook is a co-founder of Peoplegate, and co-author of specialty publication of android. And he won many prizes in several application making contests. Currently, apart from Peoplegate, he has a plan to make independent B2B social network service. He is persuaded programming is an essential part of the development of an IT company. As Peoplegate's services are closely connected to operations, staffs, and profits, Minwook takes advantage of his flexibility within the company.
Younghwan, Oh

Younghwan, Oh

"Be a paradigm shifter."

Development Director

  • Won many awardsWon many awards
  • Certification from ROKA HQCertification
    from ROKA HQ
  • Co-writer of a programming bookCo-writer of
    a programming book
  • Worked at ShinhanWorked at Shinhan

Younghwan was a computer science major. When he served at R.O.K.A. HQ, he received a certification of programming a supporting system based on web, from the Commander After he was discharged from the service, he created a programming team named "Zero-one". The team has won 3 different awards in programming competition.
He joined Peoplegate as a starting member, while working in Shinhan Group. Now he spends his spare time, gaining knowledge in the field of video streaming service and data archiving for Peoplegate to become a cultural hub. Also, he is a co-writer of a specialty publication android.
CEOs hope


Peoplegate keeps door open to prospective partners who are looking for partnerships. 
 - 2016, made a partnership with the Dailymotion (Most popular video platfrom in Europe), we made a contract with the NAVER TV Cast.
 - Our media partnership : NAVER mobile, KAKAO chanel etc. We reached 500,000 views per month with this channel. & Release of contents which are more than 10 of various and popular social media accounts. 
 - Made a contract with public TV(SBS) PD and web-drama company.
 - Peoplegate's concert record no.1 in concert ticket selling consecutively, 2016 1th Quarter, we reached B.E.P. 2times. (Profit of mobile banner ad. , profit of media contents and profit of ticket sales) 
 - We have partnerships with Korean famous entertainment company SOUL-SHOP and Korean model management company CLIMIX.