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We would like to transfer various Off-line experiences and culture contents all over the world into On-line. (not only user’s everyday experience but concert, musical, movie etc.) We want to make the On-line space like ‘the Multiplex’ in off-line. Beyond the limitation of space and distance, we will finally complete the space for new cultures and media that anyone can enjoy.

Heal the people by connection cultural contents.

Available Ticket cost

For this off-line cultural space that anyone can enjoy, we make various enterprise sponsorship cooperation. With reasonable price for tickets and accessibility, we complete Peoplegate performance to the most popular and share-able culture space.

Culture to IT!

Culture/Media contents we produced are being lively shared all over the world through IT technology and online channels. We have been investing for our own video platform or VR content, and we hope that online users also can be moved by our offline performance contents.

We will be a Contents HUB

Peoplegate construct our own platform which is merged with social and video platform, and we hope that we become a global content distribution network itself. Also, we look forward to sharing your own attractive stories and contents to all over the world!

PEOPLEGATE Media Contents


Peoplegate regularly produce concerts which contain social contribution message. NO.1 Korean artists like Tae Woo Kim in GOD, BADA in SES, Whee Sung, Gummy, Seungyeon Son, J Rabbit and other 40 teams participated in our concert. Peoplegate concert has been trying to make the most Popular culture concert in Korea, and we’ve been ranked No.1 in sales of social commerce.

Talk show / Showcase

Various part of stars are with our Peoplegate Mini concert, Talk Concert every month. With stars and fans, you can get a chance to listen star’s behind story and song. KISUM(Rapper), Lee-Jun(Idol MBLAQ), Wonil Yi(Chef), Se-Deuk Oh(Chef), Lee-Jung(Singer) were with us so far. These various video contents will be provided to other platforms overseas.

Drama / Movie

Beginning from 2017, Peoplegate produce Web Drama and Web Movie which are proper to existing performance contents and social media. Peoplegate movie contents will be produced with Korean movie stars and foreign stars, and we can assure that global audiences all over the world will love it !


Peoplegate is a broad social media.
We pursue a worldwide global human network, and wish to extend a variety of media contents in IT. As a social video platform we would like to be a bridge between people and interesting contents. By doing that, we would like to let people enjoy the contents more easily. 
The contents created by Peoplegate and our users will create a multiplex space in online developed by combining new technologies.

Step 1(now where we are)
 - New personal connections let people contact easily to friends in different countries.
 - Providing video contents and magazine contents. 
 - Providing personal storage that contains a bunch of information
 - Searching service for find a person who has similar talent and interest as you do.

Step 2 (Our future goal)
 - Distribute our contents to other video platforms. 
 - Building up a new video platform that covers both VR and AR with new technologies. 
 - Expansion of our video platform based on users’ DB (such as video, magazine, commerce etc.) 
 - Offering chatting service with overseas friends in effective way. 

Team Leader

Taeho, Kwon

Taeho, Kwon

"Believe, your imagination and potential"
Contribution of copyright (kor) : http://platum.kr/archives/51266

Founder / President

  • Broadcast StaffBroadcast Staff
  • YTN LectureYTN Lecture
  • Stage producerStage producer
  • Trade ExpoTrade Expo

CEO TaeHo Kwon, who awarded various field of creative works like advertising, marketing, movie and theme park since he was in his school days, established Peoplegate company with the first place in Venture Competition. When he was 20, he started his first producing career as a production assistant in KBS outsourcing production. And then he consistently made careers as staff in many festivals.
He also completed internship, managed Trade-Expo for foreign buyers and domestic companies in KOTRA Foreign Marketing Team. At his age of 27, he started media production, Peoplegate Project. To him, 'Creation' is making something that makes people thrillful. With this goal, he wants to make the company with two parts soon; one is Peoplegate, which manage media platform and distribution of global contents, the other is Peoplegate Pictures, which professionally produce contents.
He hope that various culture/media contents can be shared in this space, and new experiences happened all over the world.
Minwook, Kim

Minwook, Kim

"I wish Peoplegate can bring out good memories for many people."


  • Presented at GooglePresented at Google
  • Co-writer of a programming bookCo-writer of
    a programming book
  • Won many awardsWon many awards
  • Kotra Smart Growth 3rdKotra-Microsoft
    Smart Growth 3rd

Minwook is a co-founder of Peoplegate, and co-author of specialty publication of android. And he won many prizes in several application making contests. Currently, apart from Peoplegate, he has a plan to make independent B2B social network service. He is persuaded programming is an essential part of the development of an IT company. As Peoplegate's services are closely connected to operations, staffs, and profits, Minwook takes advantage of his flexibility within the company.
CEOs hope


Peoplegate is going to expand cultural/media content through our own service and partners’ platforms based on new media. We are always welcome and waiting for partners who have similar vision and mind of ours. Please contact us by the email address below if you are currently interested in distinctive online/offline contents holding regularly and spreading unique cultures and valuable information to all over the world. 		


Peoplegate has been in the current condition below.
 - The contract with Europe no.1 contents channel, Dailymotion. Our contents are now exposed as recommended contents, 'Staff's Pick' in more than 8 Asian countries like Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam etc.
 - The first live broadcast showcase (ALi's Poeplegate Talkshow) with Xiaomi's default app in the 4th quarter 2016.
 - Providing our contents in AppleTV & Amazon streaming channel (KorTV)
 - Regularly providing our Peoplegate entertainment contents in portal main pages.
 - Took first place in ticket sales in social commerce in a row. (Coupang)
 - Contracted with lots of creators to spread and make our media contents in applications. (Model agency CLIMIX, Beauty Sejong and others)
 - Our Product Partner: made a partnership with Danteworks in 2016  that made a Naver web drama, 질풍기획(Jilpoonggihoek)


* Please contact to us through mail address below.	
Peoplegate have a business field(Advertising alliance) like below.
Advertisement Introduction
 - Banner advertisement in the mobile APP
 - Talk show/Concert outdoor & screen advertisement 
 - Making a Media PPL with celebrity and professional
Contents Business Partnership
 - Revenue Sharing(RS) for media contents produced by Peoplegate.
 - Contract of Overseas publication right for media contents(Drama/Movie)
 - Production company who wants international media contents distribution
Entertainment Partnership
 - Cooperation about showcase and concert with a entertainment's artists.
   * But, copyright of content and right of business is belong to Peoplegate.